On-Site Pharmacy

In an on-site pharmacy setting, the pharmacists partner with our patients and providers to craft the most appropriate, cost-effective care plan. Although, patients have the right to choose their own pharmacies.

Hillcroft Physician's on site pharmacy serves our community


Hillcroft Pharmacy is an independent retail pharmacy committed to meeting our patient’s medication needs most safely and cost-effectively, whether prescribed by one of our providers or an outside physician.

Hillcroft Pharmacy desires to not only know your medications onsite but to know you as well. This point-of-care onsite dispensing service is designed with our patient’s health and wellness in mind.

On-Site Pharmacy Benefits

  • Compliance & adherence improves chronic diseases
  • Convenient hours & caring staff
  • The cost of prescriptions is equivalent to or lower than major drug stores, so patients save time & money.
  • Prescriptions are easily and quickly refilled.
Hillcroft Physician's on site pharmacy serves our community

Pharmacy Hours:

Monday — Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
Saturday: Temporarily Closed
Phone: 713-988-9996
Fax: 713-988-9446

Health Tips & Info

What are the advantages of an onsite pharmacy at the clinic?

Nearly 50 percent of adults ages 20-59 take prescription medications, and half of those are suspected to be not following their doctor’s orders when taking their medications. There are several reasons people don’t take their medications as ordered by their physicians. This is a costly decision for the patient with indirect cost and health implications. A patient who doesn’t follow doctors’ orders concerning medication could experience additional healthcare issues, resulting in higher costs. An onsite pharmacist has a direct line of communication with physicians making follow-ups and refills safer and more comprehensive.

What are the dangers of not following doctors’ orders in terms of taking medication?
A dedicated pharmacy helps doctors impact medication compliance and medical case outcomes. Pharmacists have access to physicians and medical information, which can warn against drug interactions. Pharmacists in on-site clinics also tend to talk less and listen more. By getting to know the patient and their medication history, the pharmacist can better understand why a medication isn’t helping or being appropriately taken and help the individual get back on the right track with a personalized approach.
Why is pharmacy so important in healthcare?
Medication management conducted by pharmacists in conjunction with physicians has been shown to improve medication adherence and clinical outcomes for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other health problems. This increase in adherence can have far-reaching effects on both personal and financial health.