Collaborative Medicine

Houston has one of the most diverse populations in the country. Hillcroft Physicians, P.A. is located in what is commonly known as the “Ellis Island” of Houston. We serve patients from many cultures living in the area surrounding the clinic.

To better serve our patients, Hillcroft Physicians, P.A. has implemented a unique “collaborative medicine” approach where physicians, nurse practitioners, and physicians’ assistants work side-by-side with other clinic associates that can communicate with the patients in their language and are also familiar with the patients cultural needs and preferences.

Working as an Efficient Team

This enables the entire clinical staff to work as an efficient team throughout the healthcare processes. This collaborative medicine approach also includes the clinic support team consisting of similarly skilled front-desk personnel, medical assistants, phlebotomists, X-ray technicians, ultrasound technicians, clinical coordinators, and administrative staff dedicated to providing high-quality patient care as part of the collaborative medicine team. This unique approach produces incredibly positive results for all patients treated.

Award-Winning Approach

Hillcroft Physicians, P.A. has received many accolades and awards for its collaborative and holistic approach to health care delivery from organizations—such as Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance companies—as recipients of the benefits to their insured patients of the care provided over the last two decades. This is even more evident with the immigrant patient population served by Hillcroft Physicians, P.A., members of which have usually suffered many years of physician and mental health neglect. The collaborative medicine approach is the best way Hillcroft Physicians knows to get patients to the health and happiness they deserve.

Patient Feedback