An electrocardiogram, often referred to as an EKG, records the heart’s electrical activity. The procedure will conclude if your heart is beating at a typical rate and strength, and it should take 30 minutes to complete the test. They are commonly used to detect heart problems and monitor heart health.

Electrocardiogram in Houston


The doctors at Hillcroft Physicians P.A. guarantee a painless and straightforward EKG test to evaluate your heart. We will place electrodes, small plastic patches that stick to the skin, on some regions of your chest, arms, and legs. The electrodes are connected to an EKG machine where the electrical activity of your heart will be measured, examined, and printed out. Our physicians will interpret your results as soon as possible to inform you of your heart health.

EKG testing in Houston

Health Tips & Info

How should I prepare for my electrocardiogram?
On the day of the test, you should avoid putting on any lotions, oils, or powders on your chest, as they can interfere with the electrode-skin contact and tamper results. If you have chest hair, you may need to be shaven for the electrodes to stick to your skin.
What should I wear during my electrocardiogram?
You should wear a shirt that can be easily removed to access your chest. Men are typically bare-chested, and women may wear a bra, t-shirt, or gown. No jewelry should be worn on your neck, arms, and wrists.
Are electrocardiograms painful procedures?
No, the test should be painless, but you may be uncomfortable when taking off the sticky electrodes.