Nutrition Services

Hillcroft Physicians Clinic doctors believe good nutrition is the foundation of good health. Eating right can prevent disease, help patients fight illness and even recover from ailments. Our part in educating patients about a proper diet is an integral part of every physical examination.

Healthcare provider speaking with patient about dietary health


Our doctors work with patients to develop solutions for weight loss, weight gain, disease prevention, heart health, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, plant-based eating, gluten-free, or simply well-balanced, nutritional eating.

Healthcare provider speaking with patient about dietary health

Health Tips & Info

Why is it so important to learn how to eat right?
While there is an overwhelming amount of dietary and nutrition information available, often, they can be at odds with each other. Cultural pressures, marketing gimmicks, food addictions, and diet scams can confuse a person about what they should be ingesting. Food allergies and sensitivities to ingredients can affect medicine dosages and change over time. Doctors must work with patients to build a nutritional strategy for every stage of their lives. Our doctors use a hands-on approach to help you quickly understand what information is relevant to achieving your goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
What are some examples of health focuses dietitians provide nutritional guidance on?
Our doctors educate patients on healthy alternatives and meal plans that work with a busy schedule. We also offer nutrition counseling based on any medical conditions being treated and guidance on fresh foods to add to a family’s grocery list.
What is so difficult about maintaining a healthy diet?
Survival over the centuries means our taste buds have become genetically engineered to desire high-calorie, high-salt, and high-fat foods. When humans hunted for food that provided energy more than anything else, the taste of high fat and calorie foods meant survival. But through the years, the food industry has developed foods that taste so good and hit our pleasure receptors so intensely that we often disregard their lack of nutritional value and the resulting health repercussions.

To back this up with science, a study published in 2010 in Nature Neuroscience about how fast food can reinforce addiction. Studying the eating behavior of rats after regularly feeding them fast food showed that the rats had become obese and refused to eat when served healthier foods. This is just one of the many reports indicating that high-calorie and high-fat fast food can build a dependency. A consistent healthy diet is easier to maintain because the taste buds and body break their dependence and enjoy the more nutritious foods, resulting in a healthy feeling. The key is building sustainable ways to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle so you will not crash back to your unhealthy habits.