Dr. Forough Farizani, DO. of Hillcroft Physicians

Dr. Forough Farizani, D.O.

Dr. Farizani established the Hillcroft Physicians P.A. clinic in 1998. Her goal is for Hillcroft Physicians P.A. to become a medical home for the local community and to provide high-quality, comprehensive care. Dr. Farizani is trilingual—fluent in English, Farsi, and Spanish.

Dr. Farizani has also been teaching for over 20 years. She began teaching medical students and physician assistants at Baylor College of Medicine in 2001 and is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is also a UTMB Nurse Practitioner Program preceptor and has taught at UT Arlington. Aside from being a dedicated physician and teacher, she is a mother of two. Her hobbies include yoga, cooking, and gardening.

Dr. Forough Farizani, DO. of Hillcroft Physicians

Dr. farizani’s Life Mission

Dr. Forough Farizani is a distinguished and trusted healthcare provider in Houston that serves families across generations, from grandparent to grandchild. Her patients continually return to the clinic because she provides personalized healthcare tailored to their needs. Under Dr. Farizani’s direction, Hillcroft Physicians P.A. employs a diverse medical and clinic staff to ensure patients’ cultural beliefs and restrictions are understood and met. The high-quality level of patient care creates a comfortable and supporting environment for a strong patient-to-provider relationship.

At Hillcroft Physicians P.A., Dr. Forough Farizani serves patients from Gulfton/Sharpstown, a dense and diverse community in Houston, typically referred to as “somewhat of an Ellis Island.” The area lacks quality healthcare providers to meet the community’s needs. Hillcroft Physicians P.A. operates successfully and effectively in this environment, and, as Medical Director, Dr. Farizani understands the strict care-delivery guidelines and complex medical coverage requirements. 

Dr. Farizani and her team at Hillcroft Physicians successfully manage patients’ health and wellness, reducing her patients’ need to seek care elsewhere and lowering their rate of hospitalization. Hillcroft Physicians P.A. ensures all patients are educated on controlling their health and implementing preventative care strategies to mitigate illness. Dr. Farizani is proud to say that her clinic offers high-quality medical services to new and established patients, including new immigrants entering the United States.

Emigrated patients tend to have medical and psychological difficulties, as well as complex regulatory requirements from government agencies. Hillcroft Physicians P.A. accommodates all religious and cultural preferences by employing physicians, mid-level providers, and clinic staff from similar origins. With Dr. Farizani’s guidance, many newly emigrated families and refugees find their way to Hillcroft Physicians P.A. to receive comprehensive medical care for the entire family.

Patients are taken care of holistically at Hillcroft Physicians P.A. Practitioners concentrate on both the physical and mental aspects of a patient as a whole, providing them with the best care on their road to recovery.