Hillcroft Physicians P.A. Celebrates 25 Years of Service to Houston Community

Houston, TX, January 23, 2023 — Hillcroft Physicians P.A. Is celebrating its silver anniversary with 25 years of delivering comprehensive and coordinated primary patient care. In January 1998, the clinic opened its doors with a promise to become an exemplary medical home for its patients, providing high quality of care to all members of the community.

“We have touched the lives of so many people,” said Hamid Razavi, Ph.D., the CEO of Hillcroft Physicians P.A. “Hillcroft Physicians has become a gold standard for providing quality care that humanizes medicine. Our clinic is a community-based medical home, dealing with global health issues through compassion and dedication.”

After years of studying the Houston communities, Razavi assisted Dr. Forough Farizani in opening Hillcroft Physicians P.A in the Gulfton-Sharpstown area of Houston to provide healthcare to underserved population. As a medical director Dr. Farizani has led the efforts of serving their diverse patient population. One approach to this challenge is their collaborative medicine approach, where physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other staff members work together to diagnose & treat patients when they communicate with patients in their language and understood their culture and preferences.

The professional goal of clinic has been to welcome all people in the community including refugees and new immigrants into Houston as well. Dr. Farizani and Razavi emigrated to the United States, and their experiences have taught them the needs & complexities of immigration. Many newly emigrated families find their way to Hillcroft Physicians P.A. to receive comprehensive and holistic medical care for their family members.

“Emigrated patients tend to have physical and psychological difficulties,” Dr. Farizani said. “Hillcroft helps these patients by accommodating them with their religious and cultural preferences and an understanding of their unique needs.”

When asked about the future of Hillcroft Physicians P.A., Dr. Farizani and Razavi hope to continue and improve their efforts to serve Houston’s diverse population with the most comprehensive medical care for families and pass on the legacy to the community.

About Hillcroft Physicians P.A

Hillcroft Physicians P.A. was founded by Dr. Forough Farizani in Houston, Texas, in 1998 with the help of Hamid Razavi, Ph.D., the CEO of Paragon Medical Management, with the goal of humanizing medicine. Dr. Farizani and her staff strive to serve and improve patient care and make a difference in their health and wellness. Hillcroft Physicians P.A. is a single-source primary care provider, offering the most comprehensive primary services focusing on all aspects of family medicine, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Hillcroft Physicians P.A.’s highly-trained staff ensures that people from all walks of life will receive outstanding healthcare services.

For more information about the Hillcroft Physicians P.A. medical facility, please contact Charlie Mosquera, office administrator.
Phone: (713) 988-3921
Email: info@hillcroftphysicians.net
Website: https://www.hillcroftphysicians.com/